The poultry business is tough. Driven by the regulation of growth promoting antibiotics and the increased focus on food safety, poultry farmers face growing challenges when looking for new effective tools that can limit the growth of enteric pathogens and improve performance. GALLIPRO® FIT is an easy-to-use, natural solution that helps poultry farmers overcome these challenges.
“GALLIPRO® FIT is Chr. Hansen’s first probiotic to combine three unique strains in one product to address some of the key challenges faced by poultry producers today. Together, the three novel strains in GALLIPRO® FIT have been proven to effectively support the digestive performance and a healthy normal immune system in broilers, layers and turkeys,” explains Dorthe Sandvang DVM, PhD, Animal Health Innovation and lead-scientist on the project.
“Since the launch of GALLIPRO® FIT in the US, we have built even further upon our field trials and university trials with large customer trials to document the product’s efficacy. The unique combination of strains in GALLIPRO® FIT enables us to help customers address multiple challenges in one solution. The uptake of the product among our customers has been very positive and we are excited to be able to bring this relevant solution to South Africa and other markets,” says Christophe Bostvironnois, senior global product manager for Poultry at Chr. Hansen.

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