Many individual studies demonstrate the production benefits of probiotics in broilers. But can they deliver these benefits consistently?

According to a new analysis, the answer is yes.

A statistical meta-analysis of data from 14 research trials revealed that GALLIPRO® — a probiotic feed supplement containing a unique strain of Bacillus subtilis — consistently improved broiler performance. The results were presented at the 2016 Poultry Science Association (PSA) annual meeting.

“These studies show that probiotic supplementation significantly increased weight gain and feed efficiency,” says Alfred Blanch, DVM, PhD, poultry consultant for Chr. Hansen. “The strength and consistency of these data confirm that GALLIPRO® is a reliable choice for producers wishing to boost the health and performance of their flocks, whether used alone or in combination with other feed additives.”
The studies were conducted in a total of 14,828 male broiler chicks from hatch to market weight at 42 days of age. The birds were fed basal diets of corn and soy or wheat, corn and soy, with or without GALLIPRO® supplementation according to manufacturer instructions (8 x 105 CFU/g feed).

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